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O'Reilly Velocity 2009 CFP is Up!

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In June, I participated in O'Reilly's inaugural Velocity Conference.  My slides from last year are here on my site,

Velocity 2009 will be held in San Jose, California in June, 2009.  We're looking for presentations from folks in all areas of web operations and performance. 

  • Are you the person who gets paged when your company's site is slow or has gone down?
  • Do you know how to improve performance and balance efficiency and availability?
  • Have you overcome a major scaling challenge?
  • Have you been slashdotted, dugg, or techcrunched...and lived to tell the tale?

We want to hear about it!  Share your stories, best practices, lessons learned at Velocity 2009! 

Read the full Call for Participation here:

Deadline is midnight, January 5, 2009. 

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